one espresso at a time

84/365 things
Babars (plural).

Last weekend was so short that I’m in desperate need of another one.

83/365 things
Lunch and a view.

I think I’m unintentionally slacking off at work.

Somebody please slap me.

82/365 things
I took the red pills.

Lily’s Dating Game: Contestant #2


By far, the handsomest guy I’ve ever kissed.

We met in P.E. during freshman year of high school. He was smart, funny, cute, athletic, popular, and - in my opinion - way out of my league. Little by little, we’d get to know each other; we’d talk between stretches or during breaks between classes. Then, one miraculous day, he asked me out (I literally danced down the hall). I’d never felt more special. I was dating the point guard of the boys’ basketball team and one of the cutest guys in school. We attended dances together, ate lunch together, and attended sports events together.

It ended before the school year did. To this day, I honestly have no idea why we broke up. All I remember is that he did it through the phone, and I threw up immediately afterwords. I’m still embarrassed at how heartbroken I was.

I’m happy to say that we’re perfectly friendly with each other. It wasn’t hard to forgive and forget whatever the hell went on then, since it was mostly about appearances and so… well, high school.

81/365 things

I’m pretty sick and tired of answering, “probably nothing” when people at work as me what my weekend plans are.

Because for weekend plans, I’d need money and friends who don’t live 80+ miles away.

80/365 things
Dizzy Miss Lily
79/365 things
Lab brunch at Reverie Cafe.

Lily’s Dating Game: Contestant #1


We met during the summer between seventh and eighth grades. He was the sweetest pre-teen boy I’ve ever met. He was cool enough to get along with the boys and amiable enough to get along with the girls. I’ve never had longer phone conversations with a boy than I did with Gino.

It was technically a summer romance since we, unfortunately, attended different schools. However, he did what he could to keep it going. He attended my eighth grade championship basketball game and won my team over after the game. He even adorably refused to dance with any girls during his school dance because he had a girlfriend (read: me).

Anyway, it ended as quickly as it began. We grew apart and eventually stopped talking to each other. One random day during my first week of high school, I called him up and told him (with some uncertainty because I wasn’t entirely sure if we were still “together”) that we should probably break up. He easily agreed. We had a couple more friendly phone conversations, then nothing.

I hope he’s doing well.

[*names in this bloggy mini-series have been changed]

In an attempt to include more text posts in my lazily maintained blog…

I’ve decided to introduce “Lily’s Dating Game,” my personal in-blog mini-series about guys I’ve dated/almost dated/wanted to date — a la “Jane’s Ex-Boyfriends” in Austenland (the novel by Shannon Hale).

Enjoy. Or not. It’s your life.