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venty vent vent

This is the worst day I’ve had in a long time. I woke up at 5 am for no reason, my stomach started aching the moment I got to work, my presentation was absolute shit, and I felt dizzy all day.

Then I - grumpy, tired, and just overall unhappy - come home to an already negatively charged house full of people who immediately expect me to brighten their day.

Sometimes I just need to wallow. I needed to wallow today, but I haven’t wallowed enough.

134/465 things
Though I feel undeserving…

133/365 things
Breaking news in the Inner Sunset: Second blue sky day in a row!
132/365 things
Blue September skies.

Lily’s Dating Game: Contestant #12


I was having lunch with a fellow intern (let’s call her J), when she recognized someone she knew across the diner bar and asked him (Todd) to join us. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but not really dating material (to me, anyway). Why, you ask?

  • He reacted to my sneeze by saying, “Gesundheit,” which was completely fine. What was not fine was the immediate explanation of why he chose to use “Gesundheit” instead of “Bless you,” which led to a monologue about why religion is stupid. While I do believe in God, I am open-minded enough to respectfully accept others’ atheist/agnostic/Christian/Jewish/Hindu/Buddhist/etc. beliefs. That being said, I did not appreciate his slamming of religion.
  • He told us about his shit list (a list of people who, let’s say, are not on his good side), then actually took it out of his pocket to show it to us.
  • Out of absolutely nowhere, he asked me about my previous relationship. That is a getting-to-know-you no-no.

Before J and I left the diner, he asked me for my number. I did not give it to him.

131/365 things
While on MUNI: Free aquarium, compliments of a street artist.
130/365 things
49ers viewing party at StrEat Food Park.
129/365 things
Playground fun with my niece (and our friendly stranger in bright green).
128/365 things
Ain’t no party like a rooftop party.
127/365 things
Laboratory swag.
126/365 things
Commuter’s view.