one espresso at a time

I just have to survive eight hours of being sick at work, then I can be sick at home.

76/365 things
Decided to add some color to my life.

Anyone who takes the phrase “just live your life” offensively really needs to reevaluate themselves.

75/365 things
Spotted in SF Weekly.
74/365 things
Tiny flowers in July.


I watched “Christmas in July” on QVC all morning because I’m totally over summer.

73/365 things
Waffle doughnuts.

This weather is not conducive to productivity.

I am fully functional without a cell phone.

Since I forgot my cell phone at home this morning, I went all day without it.

So enlightening, so wonderful.

72/365 things
My latest, most patriotic purchase.
71/365 things
Speedily delivered a mixed berry anniversary pie to my parents.
70/365 things
Don’t hate the game, either.
69/365 things
I got Godric Gryffindor.